DeWalt DWP611PK Router Review


The DeWalt DWP611PK router kit is a very popular choice among woodworkers of all levels due to it’s quality, price and of course the Dewalt brand – I was initially a bit hesitant to choose this router over a full-sized one due to it’s compact size, but took the plunge and ordered one from Amazon – and I’ve been really happy with it.

This was my first router purchase, so I did a lot of research before I bought it, read all the reviews, watched youtube videos about it and was still wondering if it was the right one to go for – is it too small, is it going to be powerful enough?

Having bought this amazing little machine, I’m wondering why the heck I was worried about any of that – it’s actually a really nice size and has plenty enough power for my basic edge shaping/hole/channel cutting needs. Pine and softer woods you can go full speed and with a good sharp bit this router will just munch through it like butter – for harder woods you can start on a slower speed and just go at a slower pace over the material – but again, with a good sharp bit no problems at all.

As a hobbyist woodworker/diy-er, my router doesn’t get heavy or daily use. All I can say is I’m really glad I went for this compact router instead of a full sized one – this Dewalt is more than enough for my needs, and being compact it’s a good price considering you get the fixed and plunge bases included. Don’t forget this router only takes 1/4″ bits, you can’t change the collet like on full sized units.

What’s in the Box?

In the box you get the DWP611PK router, and the plunge and fixed bases, and a good meaty wrench for the collet. Oh, and a DeWalt cordura-type cloth carry bag/instruction leaflet. Nothing else. The power cord is wired right into the motor unit.

Watch the video below for unboxing and walkthrough of the Dewalt DWP611PK router set:

Read on for our overall rating, and the pro’s and con’s of the DeWalt DWP611PK router kit below.

What We Liked

πŸ™‚ the way the collet works and you insert a bit with the ‘lock’ button is nice – like a giant version of how a dremel tool works

πŸ™‚ the locator slots on the sides of the router make locating it into the right place in the bases super easy

πŸ™‚ the micro adjustment on the fixed base – 1/64″ increments – makes depth adjustment very precise

πŸ™‚ compact size and relatively light weight

πŸ™‚ variable speed control so you can cope with different hardness of wood easily

πŸ™‚ relatively quiet (compared to full size)

πŸ™‚ plunge base is nice quality, smooth operating and well thought out, solid feeling

πŸ™‚ handles are nice size and placement

πŸ™‚ the soft start is good, as you have to take a hand off the router to flip the on/off switch, this makes it easier/safer

πŸ™‚ good visibility of your work thanks to good sized transparent bases (and the LED lights)

πŸ™‚ depth adjustment is easy/nice to use – the 1/4″ incremented depth-stop on the plunge base is great

πŸ™‚ very quick/easy to switch between bases, no tools needed

πŸ™‚ LED’s to light the way are better and more useful than I thought they’d be – not a ‘must have’ but certainly useful in my dimly lit garage

πŸ™‚ plenty of power, at least for my basic routing needs it’s great on MDF, 1x pine no regrets on going compact at all

What We Didn’t Like

πŸ™ comes with dewalt handbag, I’d have preferred a plastic case for safe storage/keeping my tool-curious kids out

πŸ™ the on/off switch could be bigger or better shaped – it’s under a dust cover so it’s a bit tricky to feel it without looking at it, also a bit difficult to see it through a dusty cover, could have been colour coded as well

πŸ™ for dust collection (and there’s plenty of dust, as you’d expect), you have to buy two different Dewalt vac adaptors (one for each base as they fit differently). Just put them in the box please.

πŸ™ include the straight edge guide in the kit as well – for the sake of an extra $10 retail tops, you could make this a complete kit with the vac adaptors and edge guide.

πŸ™ make sure you clean the threaded body of the motor unit really well before you use it – mine had vaseline type grease in all the threads, had I not noticed it would have gummed up with sawdust on the first use

The Bottom Line

Overall I’m really pleased with this little router, it seems to be about the best reviewed one on the market currently – from my experiences with it so far, the good reviews are well-deserved. It’s perfect for home diy/woodworking. If you get one of these, you’re not going to regret it – high quality, well thought out (apart from the on/off switch) – but a solid 4.5 stars (it gets a mark off for the lack of accessories).

Good job DeWalt! (but please be more generous with the accessories in the box!) If you’re in the market for a compact but highly capable, well-built router then order yourself one of these DeWalt DWP611PK‘s, you’ll love it.