6 Ways Installing Window Shutters Can Improve Your Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking to renovate your current home, chances are you’ve been thinking about choosing or changing window coverings. It can be an expensive project, without any huge reward in terms of improving the value or your enjoyment of your home.

Outside of the usual options like blinds, shades and curtains you’d do well to consider fitting California-style window shutters around your home. Here’s five reasons why.

1: They’ll Last a Lifetime

Choose the right material for your shutters, and they’ll last you a lifetime. The best shutters carry a 25-year or ‘lifetime’ warranty. Tip: Wooden and vinyl shutters tend to have a shorter life, as they can warp and crack due to temperature and humidity changes in your home. Check out a new material, PolyTek offered by companies like Profi-Shutters – it’s eco-friendly and will never warp or crack.

2: You’ll Sleep Better

Yes, really. Shutters offer really excellent light control so if you’re disturbed by light leaking into your bedroom from the street, or those early summer sunrises you’re going to love shutters as your room will be blacked out almost completely.


3: Total Privacy inside Your Home

Shutters offer much better privacy than blinds and shades. No little gaps that people outside could see through. Just total privacy so you can enjoy your home fully 🙂

4: Reduced Energy Costs

Because window shutters offer amazing light control, you can keep your home cooler in summer by keeping out more sun so you’ll run your air conditioning less. In winter, shutters offer an extra barrier to drafts around your windows.

5: Maintenance Free

Shutters are really easy and low-effort to clean – you can just wipe the blades with a cleaning wipe or a swiffer which takes seconds. There’s no other maintenance!

6: Clean, Timeless Look

California shutters offer a clean, ‘clutter free’ look to your home and their design is timeless – they won’t be out of style in 3 years time like all those patterned curtains or coloured shades.


Cost-wise you will pay more upfront to have custom shutters made for your home – but it’s important to remember that this is a one-time purchase. You should never need to change or replace the best quality shutters.

As always, do your due diligence when choosing shutters for your home – not all shutters are equal.

You can get very cheap vinyl shutters that cost around $14-$16 per square foot, but these are poor quality and won’t last long. They also look cheap. Wooden shutters are more expensive, often in the $28-$40 per square foot range. ‘Premium’ vinyl shutters such as Eclipse and Hunter Douglas are also in the $30-$40 range but even these can suffer the same issues as cheaper vinyl shutters.

Regardless of price, our choice for the highest quality California Shutters in Toronto/GTA would be those provided by GTA Shutters – constructed of PolyTek material over aluminium they will never fade, crack or warp like the other options – they also look much nicer as they don’t have the ugly tilt bar on the outside like most shutters. The good news is that quality doesn’t come at a premium – you are buying custom made, factory direct at around $23-$29 per square foot – meaning you get a superior quality product, for less money.

Check out the Profi-Shutters website and request your free no-obligation quote, or give them a call or send a text now on 647 643 1110.