10 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Home

Want to add value to your home? Read our top 10 home renovation value adds below. Home reno projects don’t have to cost a fortune to add considerable value and appeal to your home – even things such as interior painting or a front-yard makeover can really freshen the look of your home up, and are easy enough to do yourself over a weekend.

Here’s our top 10 ways to add value to your home, in no particular order.

1: Enhance your homes curb appeal


The simplest place to start with home improvement projects is to tackle what can be seen (assuming there is no major issues with your home that should be tackled) – and give your home a ‘cosmetic’ makeover. You can really improve the curb appeal of your home in simple ways that don’t cost a fortune – tidy up the lawn, re-seal the driveway, add plants and fresh mulch to any landscaped areas. Re-finish, clean and repair any signs of aging and wear and tear.

2: Increase the living space of your home


The size of the available living space in your home is obviously a major factor in its value – if you have an unfinished basement, or other unfinished space in your home, start here. An unfinished basement could offer you hundreds of extra square feet of living space in the form of an extra bedroom or two, a family room or even a self-contained apartment and will boost the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars. You could consider adding an extra bedroom with an attic conversion. If your home is fully finished you could also consider an addition – obviously this is a much bigger project but still a very good long-term investment in your homes value.

3: Update your bathrooms


If your bathrooms and washrooms are looking out of date or a little too ‘lived in’ you should consider updating them. Plan the layout carefully, and make good use of space – and don’t forget storage. Stick to good quality fixtures and finishes with mass-market appeal that won’t go out of fashion quickly. Outside of your kitchen, up-to-date modern bathrooms are where you can add most value to prospective buyers.

4: Update your kitchen


Your kitchen is the most important room inside your house when it comes to adding both value and appeal to potential buyers. If your kitchen is looking tired, worn and outdated it’s time to consider a reno. How far you go depends on how outdated and worn the kitchen is – you may be able to simply re-face your existing cabinets with fresh new doors or hardware for example. If it’s time for a full on kitchen remodel then just like the bathroom, plan carefully and make good use of space. Stick to good quality modern fixtures, appliances and hardware, and use finishes, colours and styles that will have broad appeal.

5: Increase your storage options


Everyone accumulates lots of ‘stuff’ these days – this all has to be kept somewhere tidily and out of sight. No one likes rooms full of clutter! Consider the opportunities to add storage in your home – a closet and shoe storage on the main floor, a cupboard to house your vacuum, the ironing board and kids toys for example. If you don’t have much floor space to play with, then consider more innovative space-saving storage solutions like under-bed drawers. Potential buyers will appreciate the storage and you’ll get to enjoy less clutter around your home.

6: Add a garage or outside storage shed


If your home doesn’t have a garage, consider adding one if you have accessible space on your lot. If you can’t squeeze in an accessible garage, consider adding or increasing the size of an existing storage shed instead – everyone appreciates and values storage space especially to keep bulky stuff like bicycles, lawnmowers, snowblowers and other garden tools safe. Being able to keep your car inside a garage and out of the snow and ice in winter is also a great advantage!

7: Fix any major problems


The best form of home maintenance is prevention – keep on top of smaller issues every year so they don’t mushroom into big, expensive surprises. For example, if you notice your roof shingles are starting to look old, curled and dry then it’s better to face the issue head on and get a new roof before it starts leaking and causes you thousands of dollars in water damage inside your home. If your furnace is 40 years old, your heating bills are high and the house is cold all winter, get it replaced and get your house insulated properly. It’s also much less stressful (and cheaper!) to fix major things like a roof on your terms before it becomes an emergency.

8: Interior painting and decoration


A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest, cheapest and most impactful ways to change the look of your home. Stick to lighter more neutral colours to avoid making rooms seem dark. Repaint windows and trim to complete the new fresh look. Consider adding crown mouldings to really enhance the look of your rooms.

9: Improve and increase your outdoor living space


A neat, well planned outdoor living space is highly appealing to potential buyers, as well as being easier for you to maintain. Consider adding to your outdoor living space in the form of a patio dining area, seating area or deck. Enhance existing spaces with screens for privacy, lighting or a gazebo.

10: Renovate the exterior of your home


Depending on the exterior finish of your home, consider updating it – replacing old weathered siding, re-paint the walls or have a stucco finish applied will really enhance the look of your home and the curb appeal. Replace or repair any old broken eaves troughs and downspouts. Also consider replacing your windows if they are old and drafty. New windows will not only enhance the look of your home, but also increase its energy efficiency meaning you’ll be more comfortable inside year round and pay less for your utility bills.

You could also consider fitting a premium window treatment such as window shutters to your home – getting California Shutters doesn’t cost a fortune and can really enhance any type of home with precise light control and clean, timeless looks. Buying good quality custom shutters is a great investment in your home, and they’ll last you a lifetime.