10 Genius Uses For Pool Noodles Around Your Home

The humble pool noodle makes the perfect toy for the summer – kids love playing with them in (and out!) of the pool and so do adults. You can have sword fights, wield ‘light sabers’, float with them, and even spray people with water with them. A day at the pool is way more fun with a few pool noodles around.

All that being said, pool noodles aren’t just for your kids to play with at the pool. They can actually be very useful for a variety of DIY projects and hacks around the house. The dense foam material is very versatile and so it makes pool noodles great for upcycling and repurposing. Pool noodles are so versatile, in fact, they’re well worth keeping a few of in the garage for a variety of other purposes.

Here are the 10 most fun, useful and clever ways we found to use pool noodles around your home, in no particular order:

1. Car door saver in narrow garages

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If your garage is on the tight side, and you’re always worried about bashing your car door when you get in or out, this one is for you – simply cut a pool noodle in half and stick a half onto the wall where your car door opens. No more scrapes!

2. Preserve your boots and keep them straight

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Softer boots tip over and creases form, leading eventually to the boots wearing through prematurely at the creases. Stop this by cutting off pool noodles and stuffing them inside boots to keep them ship-shape and tidy at all times!

3. Eliminate creases in your clothes

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Fit a pool noodle over your hangers to provide a softer, larger curve – it’ll stop the sharp creases you get in clothes hung on them, like pants.

4. No more stubbing your toes on the bed!

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Fed up with stubbing your toes in the dark on that bed leg? Cut a few inches of pool noodles and fit it around the offending leg. No more stubbed toes!

5. Put an end to kids slamming doors

pool-noodles-stop-slamming doors
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If you’ve got small kids who love to slam doors, it gets old fast. Fit a pool noodle to the door at a height your little darling can’t reach, and peace will reign once more!

6. Pool noodles make great plant supports

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Pool noodles are great for supporting new plants, and a more colourful option than wooden stakes. Fit the appropriate length of noodle around the base of the plant. As the plant grows, you can also add more sections.

7. Make the perfect paintbrush holder

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This one is our favourite – simply cut slots in your noodles, and fit them to the edge of your paint bucket. No more brushes sliding off into the paint!

8. Cover trampoline springs for safer play time!

Via andnextcomesl.com

Eliminate the risk of injury for your trampolining kids by covering the springs with sections of pool noodles. The extra-colourful look is fun, and there’s no risk of anything getting scraped on or pinched in those strong springs if they get a bit over-zealous with the jumping!

9. Summer fun with a pool noodle sprinkler

Via makeit-loveit.com

This is a super fun idea for those hot and humid Canadian summer days – make a quick and easy sprinkler for the kids to play in from a simple old pool noodle. Watch a quick how-to video over at makeit-loveit.com for full instructions.

10. Childproof your furniture

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If you’ve got a baby who’s about to crawl around and discover the world, this is a great idea – cover up sharp edges and corners on furniture with sections of pool noodles – they can easily be removed and replaced if you need to, meanwhile you’ll head off a lot of bumps and tears.