is designed to deliver motivated leads and customers to local home service businesses. Reach your customers easily and effectively with our viral content.

Our content is promoted to local Ontario homeowners via Google, Facebook, Instagram and other Social, Display and Search platforms.

We can offer a variety of advertising solutions to suit your needs, from a sponsorship box on a specific category or piece of content to a dedicated advertorial promoting your business, service or product.

Fixe content is seen, visited, read and shared by thousands of Ontario home owners looking for home services like yours.

We help you spend your advertising dollars more effectively. Think of us as the internet equivalent of weekly paper flyers, selectively delivered to Ontario home owners who are interested in your services. Less wasted dollars, more customers.

Check out some of our advertising solutions below, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

Dedicated Advertorials
Our most popular product, and the best performing – we will create a helpful, shareable advertorial around your service or product and then promote it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Advertorial content is featured on all pages of and also gets prime placement on the homepage for 1 week. Your article stays on the site forever though, so keeps getting views for months and years after it is published for maximum value.

Category or Content Sponsorship
You can sponsor a whole category, or a specific piece of our in-house viral content. We promote our content widely and it is seen by thousands of local home owners over weeks and months.

Sponsorship of content consists of a native text and image ‘callout’ at the end of an article. Category sponsorship gets an image and text callout box at the top of a specific category page.

These spots are extremely limited and sold on a weekly or monthly basis.

Advertiser Enquiry

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